What type of cases does Seller Audit cover?

Lost Inventory

Damaged Inventory

Unauthorized disposed of inventory

Stranded inventory on wrong fnsku

Shipping carrier damaged inventory

Inbound FBA shipment discrepancy

Inbound FBA shipment damaged in transit

Customer refunded but inventory not returned

Customer returned past 45 days

Customer refunded more than order amount

Customer returned wrong FNSKU

Removal order lost in transit

Removal order damaged in transit

Reimbursements not actually reimbursed

Recovering restocking fees

FBA Pick & Pack fee overages

Referral fee overages

Weekly inventory reconciliation

How far back does Seller Audit reconcile?

Seller Audit will go back 18 months from the day you sign up and immediately begins to dispute negative feedback, recover lost refunds, and submits requests for reimbursements on your lost and damaged inventory.

Do I need to download software?

No. Seller Audit is a completely automated, cloud-based system that can be monitored from anywhere and on any platform. This gives you the power to monitor your Seller Audit account anytime, anywhere.

What access does Seller Audit need?

When you register your Seller Audit account you will also create a limited-access user account in Amazon Seller Central. This account will isolate the access that Seller Audit has to your Seller account to items like reporting, case management, and reimbursements.

How much do you charge?

Nothing. We charge 25% of whatever reimbursements we recover. If we don’t get funds or inventory back for you, then we don’t request fees from you. We only take a percentage of cases for which our system provided the return.

Will Seller Audit manage the cases?

Yes. Our Seller Audit services are fully automated, which means we do everything from opening cases to monitoring for reimbursements. We’ll worry about the backend so you can worry about closing more sales.

What Amazon Marketplaces does Seller Audit Support?

Currently, Seller Audit supports the US Amazon Seller Marketplace only. We plan to roll out to other marketplaces in the near future, but we want to get out of Beta and make sure our product is fine-tuned and polished before adding more Marketplace Support.

Does Seller Audit work on Suspended Accounts?

No, Seller Audit needs the ability to open cases to recover reimbursements and suspended accounts are not allowed to submit cases.

What if I open a case myself?

If you open a case on your own without our Amazon FBA refunds tool or get reimbursed by Amazon for any other reason, we will not charge you a percentage of those reimbursements. We only take a fee for the reimbursements received as a result of our software.

How do I enter my credit card details?

To enter your credit card information, login to your account. Go to the settings menus and click on the User settings link. Click on Update Creadit Card Details button. Enter your valid card details and click Update.

How do I reset my Password? (Can’t Login)

You can reset your password here:


(This link is also located on the login form)

Who do I contact for Support?

We want you to feel confident in our service, so if you have questions or concerns about billing, software, usage, or how we can get better, don’t hesitate to email us at: support@fbaaudit.com.